Celebs Inspire Embroidered Fashion Patch Trend

Today we learn more about embroidered patches as a fashion accessory ,

thanks to Rachel Torgerson at US Magazine:

Embroidered patches are the latest detail to take the fashion world by storm, invading the closets of celebs everywhere.

From Margot Robbie’s out there embellished boyfriend Zoe Karssen jeans to Gigi Hadid’s DIY-inspired weekender bag, we’re seeing this trend infiltrate every degree of celeb street style outfit.

Emmy Rossum played up her Topshop trench with a red, patch-decorated crossbody bag on March 21 in L.A. Whereas Demi Lovato’s Zadig & Voltaire Tackl Army Overshirt did the opposite, and made her two-piece outfit a little more casual, on March 22.

The decals on Rihanna’s leather jacket added a pop of color to her otherwise all black outfit on March 26 in NYC. By contrast, Keke Palmer’s denim number by Levi’s toned down the bold red look of her bright Alessandra de Tomaso sheath at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

The best part about this trend? It’s a cinch to update pieces you already own in no time flat. Just place an embroidered design (like the options from 3×1.us) on a pair of jeans, cover with a thin towel and press a hot iron over the area for 30 seconds — and you’re in on the trend too.

Would you wear the patch trend?
patches jacket guy
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Spring [Training] Is In The Air… With Embroidered Patches

Nothing says spring is coming more than Major League Baseball’s spring training in spring_training_fl_sample_d082515Florida and Arizona.  The Grapefruit League and Cactus Leaguespring_training_AZtpu_sample_d082515 are in full swing, spring training games complete with embroidered patches.
There’s even an official logo patch for each of the spring training leagues in the Sunshine State and the Grand Canyon state.

Baseball has a long and colorful springtrainingpatchDETROIThistory that can be traced through embroidered patches and spring training plays a special part. Individual teams create their own spring training patches, based on location or even venue.  Embroidered patches have been created to commemorate a team’s final season at a spring
training facility and are valued by major league collectors.  In 2015, the Arizona Diamondbacks wore a black KAYLA patch during some spring training spring philsgames in memory of Kayla Mueller, Spring Kaylathe young Arizona woman who died in captivity in Syria.  That same year, the Philadelphia Phillies wore a spring training patch marking the centennial of Clearwater, Florida, their spring home.

The original idea for have a baseball pre-season was the brainchild of Chicago White Stockings (today’s Chicago Cubs) team President Albert Spalding and Cap Anson. In 1886, the White Stockings traveled to Hot Springs, Ark. to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Practicing at the Hot Springs Baseball Grounds, the White Stockings had a successful season; otspring6her teams noticed and spring7began holding spring training in Hot Springs, including the Cleveland Spiders, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. The Philadelphia Phillies were the first of the current major-league teams to train in Florida in 1889; spring training in the Sunshine State began in earnest in 1913 with several teams.

SpringcactusleagueBill Veeck purchased the Cleveland Indians in 1946 and decided to buck tradition and train the team in Tucson, Arizona; he also convinced the New York Giants to give Phoenix a try, creating the Cactus League. Florida and Arizona now host all Major League Baseball teams for spring training,

Alberto Rosario

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Alberto Rosario wears a spring training patch.

but over the years, cities in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico have hosted, as have locales in California and other states.

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Show Your Ride With Embroidered Patch

Idolized in American music, movies and television programs, the USA’s love affair with the automobile carchevrolet-parts-2Tand the open road is also well represented in embroidered patches. All of the major car companies,cardodge both domestic and foreign, can be found in embroidered artistry.

Part of the reason for this is the companies logos are some of the most iconic symbols on the planet. Just the outline of the “bowtie” design instantly conveys Chevrolet. Volkswagen’s V over W logo iscarBMW-1 immediately recognized around the world as the symbol of the German-owned car manufacturer, as is the Ferrari black stallion and BMW “propeller” circular design. carferrariEach car company has a medallion type logo for its individual brands. Usually a simple design, it is easily transferred to a distinctive embroidered patch.

And it’s not just brands that are depicted in thread and stitching. Individual carroadrunnercar models, especially the classic road cars of the 1950s and 1960s, can often be found on an embroidered emblem. Chevrolet’s time honored classic Corvette, the legendary Plymouth Roadrunner,carmustang-blue-2T Ford’s Mustang and Shelby Cobra are among the many models of automobile with their own distinctive logo, separate from the brand.

Even automobile service departments get into the patch game, with embroidered emblems adorning the shoulders, shirtsleeves and pockets of car technicians around the world.

Show your four-wheel loyalty with custom designed patches from The Chicago Embroidery Company. While there are usually hefty licensing fees

for specific brands, we can make your car rally club or auto racing team look sharp with distinctive, individualized embroidered emblems, ranging from two inches up to two feet across. Send us your design for a free quote or contact us at sales@c-emblem.com, 312/664-4232, or www.c-emblem.com

Stuck On You With Sticky Backed Embroidered Patches

Not all embroidered patches need to be sewn on with a needle and thread. Your embroidered patch creation can be treated with a mild adhesive


to create a “sticky” patch that can be stuck in place and later peeled off for multiple reuses. This sticky option creates many opportunities for you.

While lots of attention is paid to the front of an embroidered patch, there are a few things to know about the reverse side. Patches must


have some kind of backing to hold all of the stitching firmly in place, usually a thin layer PVC plastic. The patch can also be treated with a heat-sensitive iron-on adhesive backing for permanent application to a garment or bag.

While the vast majority of patches created by The Chicago Embroidery Company are about 3-inches or so, there’s also a growing demand for smaller patches with a semi-adhesive back. These sticky patches are usually smaller 1 or 1-1/2 inch lapel size emblems, very useful for product or event promotions instead of more expensive metallic lapel pins. Our patches are worn and seen annually by hundreds of thousands of people.

Holiday themed patches are very popular, with Christmas and Halloween leading the way. Also very widespread are flags, croc alliganimals and many other shapes. Kids love sticky patches!

These wearable patches are also placed on other items. The rapidly growing hobby of scrapbooking has created a tremendous new market for sticky patches, with the colorful appliques used to embellish pages.

Among the most famous use of patches as appliques are the popular


The famous Lacoste “alligator” patch is actually a crocodile.

Lacoste tennis shirts that still use a crocodile patch. The company claims it is one of the earliest (1933) brand symbols worn on the outside of clothing.


There are no real size limits for sticky patches. Some Chicago Embroidery Company customers use the sticky back option for larger 12-inches or more embroidered patches that are sewn on the front or back of jerseys or jackets. Though these patches are sewn in place, the customers like the adhesive backing to help place the emblem directly and snugly in place before the edges are permanently attached with needle and thread.


Be it a presentation folder, window, or coat lapel, everything looks better with a sticky patch. Patches are excellent trade show promotional items, guaranteed to turn heads at your next sales meeting, convention or other event. Learn more about sticky patches by contacting The Chicago Embroidery Company, sales@c-emblem.com , 312/664-4232 or www.c-emblem.com

Look Sharp With Embroidered Blazer Crests

A different type of embroidery is the blazer crest. Usually worn on the left front pocket of a dark solid colored suit coat


The blazer crest of Sigma Chi, the national collegiate fraternity.

(often with metal buttons), a crest is often associated with a school, club, military unit or other fraternal organizations. Blazer crests are especially popular in the countries of the United Kingdom — England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales– and nations of the British Commonwealth blazer custom-made-blazer-bullion-badgesuch as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Another frequent user of crests are yacht clubs and nautical societies.blazer 55e1679c-eae1-b8c2



One of the most distinguishing features of a crest is the artistic and often extensive use of metallic threads to create a striking, vibrant image. These are actually very fine gold or silver colored wires that reflect light and give the crest a full, rich blazer the-royal-irish-regiment-blazer-badgesappearance. In addition to colored cotton or polyester threads, creative use of silk is also a fashionable component of a blazer crest. The image is usually sewn on a blazer naval squadron825_rcn_blazer_crestfelt backing and can be attached to blazers not only by stitching but also by tiny magnets imbedded in the material and corresponding pocket. This permits easy removal for cleaning and interchangeable crest images.

Many blazer crests are hand-made by expert craftsmen, usually of Indian or Pakistani descent. These emblems are labor blazer Club_Burgee_Blazer_crest__14425_1309020825_1280_1280intensive to produce, and with more costly wire threading and woolen felts, crests are more expensive than traditional embroidered patches.

However, The Chicago Embroidery Company has made some very sharp looking crest-style patches, blazer swift-72-72-sqn-raf-blazer-badgeusing a variety of colors and metallic thread, and they can give your group, team or other organization a professional appearance for a fraction of a traditional crest emblem. Contact us at sales@c-emblem.com , call 312/644-4232 or visit us on the web at http://www.c-emblem.com.

NOTE: Our friends at Wikipedia tell us that the term “crest,” when correctly used,blazer lauren-by-ralph-lauren-navy-blazer-with-crest-detail-product-4-13284450-300598116_large_flex refers only to a single element of a heraldic achievement, but in the everyday world, crest is commonly used to describe the entire image. “Coat of arms” and “shield” are also frequently, but incorrectly, used to portray these images.

It Wouldn’t Be Post Season Playoff Baseball Without Embroidered Patches

Here in Chicago, the words “post season” and “baseball” are not often used together. postseasonBut with a prophesy first set forth in the Michael J. Fox movie, “Back To The Future II,” our own Chicago Cubs are making a run toward the World Series. We like baseball in part because each player competing in the Major League baseball playoffs this year gets to wear an official MLB 2015 Postseason patch in the wild card, division series and league championship series.

 Historically, the World SeriesWorldSeries2015 patch has its own embroidered patch, worn by members of the American and National League teams competing for the championship in the Fall Classic.

Media attention and TV coverage have also created OTinterest in this year’s teams that are wearing other special patches.  The St. Louis Cardinals have been wearing a black circle patch with white “OT” letters this, honoring their late teammate Oscar Taveras, an outfielder who was killed in a car crash last fall in the Dominican Republic.  Their rivals, the Chicago Cubs,!4 Home0001 have been wearing a number 14 patch on the right shoulder of their jerseys [you can get one of your own by clicking here  ] all season to commemorate the life and career of Cubs shortstop and first baseman Ernie Banks.  He died earlier

The "Mr. Met" patch, worn by the New York Mets.

The “Mr. Met” patch, worn by the New York Mets.

this year at age 83, after having played his entire All-Star and Hall of Fame career with the team, which never had any post season playoff games during his tenure with the Cubs, 1953-1971.

Learn more about baseball and other customer embroidered patches for your team or group by visiting the Chicago Embroidery Company on the web at www.c-emblem.com, sending a note to sales@c-emblem.com or calling 312/664-4232.

A Texas flag patch graces the left shoulder of the Texas Rangers uniform.

A Texas flag patch graces the left shoulder of the Texas Rangers uniform.

Teams May Be Gone, But Embroidered Patches Keep Memories Alive

Many fans hang on to memories of their favorite local professional sports franchises pil brooklyn dod through embroidered patches, but there is a special significance and affection for memorabilia of teams that no longer exist. Clubs have often moved cities, often (but not always) changing the team name with the relocation.

Moving and changing the names of professional sports franchises in America is not a new development. Originally the Milwaukee Brewers pil stl brownplayed in the 1901 American league, but the team became the St. Louis Browns 1901-53, and then became the Baltimore Orioles. Original St. Louis Browns patches (not copies or reproductions) are valuable collector’s items.

Perhaps the most celebrated (or despised, depending on your fan preference) was the West Coast expansion of the pil brookdodgNational League that moved the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles after the 1957 season. The Dodgers had finally won a World Series in 1955 and many in the fan base felt betrayed by the team’s shift to the West Coast, increasing interest and value in authentic Brooklyn embroidered patches and other Dodger team items.

Sometimes teams move and keep their names. The Baltimore Colts of the National Football League infamously left Marylandpil balt colt in the dead of night, March 29, 1984, to become the Indianapolis Colts, keeping their same uniforms and logo. When the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) New Orleans Jazz team moved to Salt Lake City in 1979, they became the Utah Jazz, an ironic name for a predominantly Mormon town and state not known for pil new jazNew Orleans-style nightlife and utah jazentertainment. Utah’s previous team in the American Basketball Association was known as the Utah Stars. pil min nstarThe NHL Minnesota North Stars became the Dallas Stars in 1993.

Team names can change even without relocation. Playing pil balt bulletas the Baltimore Bullets 1963-73, the NBA franchise did move to Landover, Maryland in 1974 and became the Captial Bullets,pil cap bull but played as the Washington Bullets after that season. pil wash wizThe Bullet name supposedly connoted violence and the team was rechristened the Washington Wizards in 1997. In major league baseball, our nation’s capital was home of the pil washWashington Senators 1901-1960 (that team became Minnesota Twins) and then the “new” expansion 1961-71 Senators team became the Texas Rangers in 1972. pil monttrThe new Washington MLB franchise in 2005, christened the Nationals, was a relocated Montreal Expos team.

Each professional league has its share of rotating pil oak sefranchises, thus making the embroidered patches for extinct teams even more collectible. The National Hockey League tried teams in Oakland (Seals), Kansas City (Scouts), Kc scoutsCleveland (Barons) and Denver (Colorado Rockies). The Denver team eventually became the New Jersey Devils clevelandand the Rockies name was later adopted by the National League ballclub. Not only the NFL’s Colts have moved, the St. Louis Cardinals kept their name when moving to LA RamsPhoenix AZ in 1988 and the Oakland Raiders did it twice, moving to become the Los Angeles Raiders in 1982 (after the stl rams_inaugual_95_zpsefe27627LA Rams franchise moved to St. Louis) and then returning to Oakland in 1994. In Major League Baseball, the infamous Seattle Pilots lasted only one season (1969) before moving on to Milwaukee to become the Brewers, making Seattle Pilots patches and other team items extremely collectible.pilots

You don’t have to be a professional baseball player to look sharp with a custom designed embroidered patch. Outfit your team today by contacting the Chicago Embroidery Company at sales@c-emblem.com, visit www.c-emblem.com or call 312/664-4232.

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