Spring [Training] Is In The Air… With Embroidered Patches

Nothing says spring is coming more than Major League Baseball’s spring training in spring_training_fl_sample_d082515Florida and Arizona.  The Grapefruit League and Cactus Leaguespring_training_AZtpu_sample_d082515 are in full swing, spring training games complete with embroidered patches.
There’s even an official logo patch for each of the spring training leagues in the Sunshine State and the Grand Canyon state.

Baseball has a long and colorful springtrainingpatchDETROIThistory that can be traced through embroidered patches and spring training plays a special part. Individual teams create their own spring training patches, based on location or even venue.  Embroidered patches have been created to commemorate a team’s final season at a spring
training facility and are valued by major league collectors.  In 2015, the Arizona Diamondbacks wore a black KAYLA patch during some spring training spring philsgames in memory of Kayla Mueller, Spring Kaylathe young Arizona woman who died in captivity in Syria.  That same year, the Philadelphia Phillies wore a spring training patch marking the centennial of Clearwater, Florida, their spring home.

The original idea for have a baseball pre-season was the brainchild of Chicago White Stockings (today’s Chicago Cubs) team President Albert Spalding and Cap Anson. In 1886, the White Stockings traveled to Hot Springs, Ark. to prepare for the upcoming baseball season. Practicing at the Hot Springs Baseball Grounds, the White Stockings had a successful season; otspring6her teams noticed and spring7began holding spring training in Hot Springs, including the Cleveland Spiders, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Red Sox. The Philadelphia Phillies were the first of the current major-league teams to train in Florida in 1889; spring training in the Sunshine State began in earnest in 1913 with several teams.

SpringcactusleagueBill Veeck purchased the Cleveland Indians in 1946 and decided to buck tradition and train the team in Tucson, Arizona; he also convinced the New York Giants to give Phoenix a try, creating the Cactus League. Florida and Arizona now host all Major League Baseball teams for spring training,

Alberto Rosario

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Alberto Rosario wears a spring training patch.

but over the years, cities in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico have hosted, as have locales in California and other states.

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Major Excitement for Minor League Embroidered Patches

While Major League Baseball (MLB), the 30 teams of the National and American Leagues, gets all the glory, high salaries, television coverage and more, for much of the United States,

Minor league baseball teams are an important component of summer in many smaller U.S. cities.

Minor league baseball teams are an important component of summer in many smaller U.S. cities.

baseball is much more of a laid back past time with the local minor league team carrying the banner.  And what better way to showcase the hometown baseball team than a colorful embroidered patch logo.

Minor league baseball teams are a huge source of pride and identity for smaller cities, and fans turn out with great enthusiasm, knowing they are seeing future MLB superstars improving their skills and moving up through Class A, Double A and Triple A ball before making it to the big leagues.

minor iowa cubs

The Chicago Cubs AAA affiliate is also known as the Cubs.

These minor league baseball teams often carry colorful nicknames, based on a local feature of geography, manufacturing or other ties to the community.  For instance, the Lansing (Mich.) Lugnuts spotlight the area’s ties to the auto industry, the Pensacola (Fla.) Blue Wahoos give a nod to the area’s sport fishing base and the Quad Cities (Ill. and Iowa) River Bandits draw from the area’s Mississippi River Heritage.  Other teams draw their names

The Lowell Spinners get their name from the town's textile heritage.

The Lowell Spinners get their name from the town’s textile heritage.

directly from the parent club – the Pawtucket (RI) Red Sox, Tucson Padres and Iowa Cubs are just a few of the teams following this pattern.

Impressively designed logos, captured in the artistry of embroidered patch design, provide a vivid color image of the team.  Worn on the players uniforms and shared with great pride by the small city (and not so small cities of AAA affiliates) fan base.

Not surprisingly, there is an avid collector universe for these minor league embroidered patches.  Previous designs of now defunct teams, and

Sport fishing is big in Pensacola, Florida.

Sport fishing is big in Pensacola, Florida.

affiliates that have been renamed or shifted to newer designs, are extremely popular with collectors.  Internet trading and auction sites are filled with a wide variety of minor league baseball embroidered patches.

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