Patchplace is all about custom made patches. The history, use, manufacturing, market, and lore.

We know a thing or two about custom patches as one of the first companies to make commercial patches starting in World War Two. We’ve made a lot of patches over the many decades we have been in business, easily hundreds of millions of units.

This blog is published by The Chicago Embroidery Company and its author, Jerry Ostergaard. The Chicago Embroidery Company started in 1890 as a manufacturer of Swiss Lace. We made a lot of lace and just about the time the demand for lace was fading, the war broke out and the U.S. Government ordered us to change over our Swiss Looms over from making lace to making embroidered patches.

We made a lot of patches for the U.S. Military during the war and our patches ended up in Europe and the Pacific, and everywhere in between. Following the war the military stopped buying as many patches as they used to and returning service men started asking for patches for their work uniforms. The National Boy Scouts was growing and adding more patches to their uniforms and The Chicago Embroidery Company grew along with the demand for custom patches. Patches became a part of the American look on work uniforms, club uniforms, and police, fire, and government agencies.

Today, over 120 years later, The Chicago Embroidery Company still makes custom embroidered patches and has many of the same customers for decades.

We hope you enjoy this blog.

If you want to order some custom patches, see our web site at http://www.c-emblem.com or use this contact form.

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