The Growth of Embroidered Patches

The key element of “gimme caps,”( as in “Gimme one of them caps,” as the farmersAG hat 222009489397_1 would ask their seed or equipment dealer for free promotional headwear), agriculture and related industries have long relied on embroidered patches to advertise their products and services.

Most popular are the corn and other seed producing companies, who have been AG vintage-dekalb-seed-corn-advertising-patch-farmer-cap-trucker-style-1stopretroshop-k53079-4emblazoning hats, jackets and other items with beautifully embroidered artistry for years. Primarily corn (for which there are many hybrid varieties), but also other agricultural producers realize the inherent promotional value of an embroidered patch in raising and maintaining company 5203-3_5-2T

Of all the agricultural equipment manufacturers, John Deere has AG john Deere $T2eC16VHJHoE9n3Ke5TSBRYK-mGUr!~~60_35probably grown the highest profile in the ag patch community, but many other companies take advantage of embroidered patches to create visibility for their s-l225

State agricultural inspectors can be readily AG department-of-agriculture-embroidered-patchAg US_Forest_Service_CAidentified by embroidered patches on the shoulders and pockets of their uniform shirts. Even the U.S. Forest Service, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, can be counted as part of the ag patch universe.AG WISH,LA,LOUISIANA%20DEPARTMENT%20OF%20AGRICULTURE%20AND%20FORESTRY%201

You don’t have to be a farmer to like embroidered patches.AG jacket You can outfit any group with a custom stitched emblem from The Chicago Embroidery Company. Contact us for a free quote by submitting your design; visit, or call 312/644-4232.

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