Show Your Ride With Embroidered Patch

Idolized in American music, movies and television programs, the USA’s love affair with the automobile carchevrolet-parts-2Tand the open road is also well represented in embroidered patches. All of the major car companies,cardodge both domestic and foreign, can be found in embroidered artistry.

Part of the reason for this is the companies logos are some of the most iconic symbols on the planet. Just the outline of the “bowtie” design instantly conveys Chevrolet. Volkswagen’s V over W logo iscarBMW-1 immediately recognized around the world as the symbol of the German-owned car manufacturer, as is the Ferrari black stallion and BMW “propeller” circular design. carferrariEach car company has a medallion type logo for its individual brands. Usually a simple design, it is easily transferred to a distinctive embroidered patch.

And it’s not just brands that are depicted in thread and stitching. Individual carroadrunnercar models, especially the classic road cars of the 1950s and 1960s, can often be found on an embroidered emblem. Chevrolet’s time honored classic Corvette, the legendary Plymouth Roadrunner,carmustang-blue-2T Ford’s Mustang and Shelby Cobra are among the many models of automobile with their own distinctive logo, separate from the brand.

Even automobile service departments get into the patch game, with embroidered emblems adorning the shoulders, shirtsleeves and pockets of car technicians around the world.

Show your four-wheel loyalty with custom designed patches from The Chicago Embroidery Company. While there are usually hefty licensing fees

for specific brands, we can make your car rally club or auto racing team look sharp with distinctive, individualized embroidered emblems, ranging from two inches up to two feet across. Send us your design for a free quote or contact us at, 312/664-4232, or