Stuck On You With Sticky Backed Embroidered Patches

Not all embroidered patches need to be sewn on with a needle and thread. Your embroidered patch creation can be treated with a mild adhesive


to create a “sticky” patch that can be stuck in place and later peeled off for multiple reuses. This sticky option creates many opportunities for you.

While lots of attention is paid to the front of an embroidered patch, there are a few things to know about the reverse side. Patches must


have some kind of backing to hold all of the stitching firmly in place, usually a thin layer PVC plastic. The patch can also be treated with a heat-sensitive iron-on adhesive backing for permanent application to a garment or bag.

While the vast majority of patches created by The Chicago Embroidery Company are about 3-inches or so, there’s also a growing demand for smaller patches with a semi-adhesive back. These sticky patches are usually smaller 1 or 1-1/2 inch lapel size emblems, very useful for product or event promotions instead of more expensive metallic lapel pins. Our patches are worn and seen annually by hundreds of thousands of people.

Holiday themed patches are very popular, with Christmas and Halloween leading the way. Also very widespread are flags, croc alliganimals and many other shapes. Kids love sticky patches!

These wearable patches are also placed on other items. The rapidly growing hobby of scrapbooking has created a tremendous new market for sticky patches, with the colorful appliques used to embellish pages.

Among the most famous use of patches as appliques are the popular


The famous Lacoste “alligator” patch is actually a crocodile.

Lacoste tennis shirts that still use a crocodile patch. The company claims it is one of the earliest (1933) brand symbols worn on the outside of clothing.


There are no real size limits for sticky patches. Some Chicago Embroidery Company customers use the sticky back option for larger 12-inches or more embroidered patches that are sewn on the front or back of jerseys or jackets. Though these patches are sewn in place, the customers like the adhesive backing to help place the emblem directly and snugly in place before the edges are permanently attached with needle and thread.


Be it a presentation folder, window, or coat lapel, everything looks better with a sticky patch. Patches are excellent trade show promotional items, guaranteed to turn heads at your next sales meeting, convention or other event. Learn more about sticky patches by contacting The Chicago Embroidery Company, , 312/664-4232 or