Look Sharp With Embroidered Blazer Crests

A different type of embroidery is the blazer crest. Usually worn on the left front pocket of a dark solid colored suit coat


The blazer crest of Sigma Chi, the national collegiate fraternity.

(often with metal buttons), a crest is often associated with a school, club, military unit or other fraternal organizations. Blazer crests are especially popular in the countries of the United Kingdom — England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales– and nations of the British Commonwealth blazer custom-made-blazer-bullion-badgesuch as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Another frequent user of crests are yacht clubs and nautical societies.blazer 55e1679c-eae1-b8c2



One of the most distinguishing features of a crest is the artistic and often extensive use of metallic threads to create a striking, vibrant image. These are actually very fine gold or silver colored wires that reflect light and give the crest a full, rich blazer the-royal-irish-regiment-blazer-badgesappearance. In addition to colored cotton or polyester threads, creative use of silk is also a fashionable component of a blazer crest. The image is usually sewn on a blazer naval squadron825_rcn_blazer_crestfelt backing and can be attached to blazers not only by stitching but also by tiny magnets imbedded in the material and corresponding pocket. This permits easy removal for cleaning and interchangeable crest images.

Many blazer crests are hand-made by expert craftsmen, usually of Indian or Pakistani descent. These emblems are labor blazer Club_Burgee_Blazer_crest__14425_1309020825_1280_1280intensive to produce, and with more costly wire threading and woolen felts, crests are more expensive than traditional embroidered patches.

However, The Chicago Embroidery Company has made some very sharp looking crest-style patches, blazer swift-72-72-sqn-raf-blazer-badgeusing a variety of colors and metallic thread, and they can give your group, team or other organization a professional appearance for a fraction of a traditional crest emblem. Contact us at sales@c-emblem.com , call 312/644-4232 or visit us on the web at http://www.c-emblem.com.

NOTE: Our friends at Wikipedia tell us that the term “crest,” when correctly used,blazer lauren-by-ralph-lauren-navy-blazer-with-crest-detail-product-4-13284450-300598116_large_flex refers only to a single element of a heraldic achievement, but in the everyday world, crest is commonly used to describe the entire image. “Coat of arms” and “shield” are also frequently, but incorrectly, used to portray these images.