Pedal Power Shows With Cycling Embroidered Patches

The bicycle, used for recreation, bike a88537563e815d45b516409ebb0f776ctransportation and even sporting entertainment, is a natural outlet for embroidered patches. Cycling equipment manufacturers, recreation destinations and races, and many other bicycle related bikepatches3areas and events all use the power of the embroidered patch to help promote their products and the cycling lifestyle.

Even members of the Boy Scouts, Bike 0long known for their embrace of embroidered patch artistry, have a wide variety of cycling events and use patches to signify participation and promote fellowship.

The Tour de France, bikepatches1the most famous bicycle race in the world, uses embroidered patches to help promote the race. As the course is lined with spectators, many will be wearing hats, shirts, jerseys bicycle $_35and jackets emblazoned with embroidered patches trumpeting their support of their country, specific teams or riders, bikeShimano%2001-500x500or one of the many specialized cycling equipment manufacturers that use the race as a promotional vehicle for their products.

Other races and recreational rides often feature an embroidered patch for participants. bike cenA “century,” cycling’s nickname for a ride of 100 miles, is often commemorated with an embroidered patch. Cycling as an alternative to automobile transportation is the subject of many humorous and fun embroidered patches.

Many urban and suburban bike cpdbikes3patches_jpg_w560h521police departments are realizing the effectiveness of officers patrolling on two wheels and have established special bicycle units, complete with embroidered cop

Two-wheeled fun and excitement is even better with an embroidered patch; get rolling with ideas from the Chicago Embroidery Company, contact us at, by visiting or call 312-664-4232.

This cycling patch dates back to the 1920s.

This cycling patch dates back to the 1920s.