Tell World About Your Successful Deer Hunt With Embroidered Patch

After the season’s hunt is over, your rifle has been cleaned and stored away, the mud rinsed off your hunting boots and venison stashed away in the freezer, you are left with only reminiscences of the crisp fall air and the smell of campfire coffee.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Unless you were lucky enough to get a trophy buck suitable for mounting, photographs are the only way to commemorate your successful hunt this past fall. Thanks to, you can now get an embroidered patch to help preserve memories of last fall’s successful deer campaign. These are the very same patches offered for many years by The Sportsman’s Guide catalog, now available direct from the manufacturer.

These colorful emblems make the perfect gift for the novice hunter who just bagged his or her first buck, or for any hunter who wants to proudly announce their hunting prowess.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There are different patches for a spike buck, and 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-point bucks, even a Monster Buck patch to show the world your deer hunting triumph.

“Working with the Chicago Embroidery Company, we are able to offer these classic hunting patch designs to new generations of deer hunters,” said Rob Faurot, president of Sporting “These timeless emblems provide fond memories of past hunts and are a great way to help bring in new family members and others into the hunting fraternity.”

All of these patches and more are available now. Further information and pricing (bulk discounts are available) can be found at , contacting or by calling 312/664-4232.