Wintertime Is A Great Time For Embroidered Patches

usarmy-unitpatch-06When the thermometer drops, interest in embroidered patches may not exactly rise, but it certainly doesn’t plunge like the frigid temperature readings.Fashion Canada

Winter brings a whole new outlet for patches, including a wide variety of thread-based images displayed on warm down-filled parkas, ski jackets and even hats and other accessories. Many winter coat manufacturers are 20150122_135413incorporating embroidered emblems into the design of their outdoor winter wear. Walk down the street of any cold-weather major city these days and fashiob gift-guide-lifestyle-5you’re apt to see people wearing popular Canada Goose Arctic Program parkas. These highly functional and fashionably trendy winter coats feature a distinctive embroidered patch on the shoulder. Such other leading designers as Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren and Moncler include patches on various models of their winter coats.Fashion Canada-Goose-Citadel-Parka-for-Men-in-Coffee

Winter sports are popular markets for patches. Whether it’s members of the Snowflake Clubs ( local skiing organizations aimed primarily at helping youngsters learn to ski) wearing a patch on shoulder of their coats to help identify members of the club on the fashion S1706_wintersurvivalslopes, or figure skaters proclaiming their allegiance to the United States Figure Skating Association, or a wide variety of young Mite, PeeWee, Squirt, Bantam and other junior ice hockey win eatures20111010-NHL-Kids-Hockey-Practice-CP-02014596-Sanford-Myers-676x450players scrambling across the rink chasing a puck, vibrant embroidered emblems are a key part of their uniforms, equipment bags and winter wear.

Embroidered patches are always popular with the scouting movementwinter-camp and there’s special uniform patches for winter snow camping below 32 degrees freezing or one awarded to the intrepid youngsters who have slept outside in sub-zero temperatures.

Ski resorts are popular outlets for embroidered patches and many enthusiastic participants of the Alpine and Nordic Ski patchesbranches of the sport collect patches from all of the snowy mountains they have visited. The Chicago Embroidery Company has created many thousands of patches for the skiing industry. Even the branches of the U.S. military

The addition of a rocker patch to the unit insignia pleased members of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division.

have winter- themed patches signifying troops who are members of the rugged Arctic Ranger battalions or the storied 10th Mountain Division.

While it may be cold outside, people still have a warm spot in their hearts for winter patches. Learn more about patches by visiting the Chicago Embroidery Company at , email us at or call 312/664-4232.